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BMObjects was born with the idea of bringing near the great power, experience and robustness demonstrated by Delphi along the years to the current techniques of software development that imply a cycle of life in real OOP.

Inside that central idea, BMObjects is really a part of a bigger project that contributes structure and real solutions OOP to all the phases of the design of an application. This project is already initiate, and the idea is to go distributing the modules that leave concluding progressively.

BMObjects covers the necessities of persistence of the objects at the moment, remote very important to be able to maintain a development correct OOP. Given the importance of this framework inside the whole project, its evolution and maintenance is guaranteed.

The evolution of the functionality according to the versions appeared up to now has been the following one:

Functionalities added by versions:


  • First official version after several alphas and betas.


  • The functionality is included of cloning a BMObject.
  • The functionality is included of copying objects toward the current one. The
  • functionality is included of comparing 2 objects BMObject.


  • The sustained instantiation of associate objects is implemented. The references to objects alone associated BMObject will be instantiated if they are needed or it is requested explicitly, increasing the yield of the objects considerably in memory. This way you can configure the navigability in the associations in both addresses without fear to spend excessive resources by heart.


  • The whole implementation is added from the access to the relational system by
  • means of the ADO engine.
  • The control of transactions is implemented in the whole framework.
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