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Easy Use

BMObjects is not a suite of components, but a framework of white box composed by different classes that are related among if that have a certain hierarchy, and that they finish offering to the end user some classes of those that to derive or to inherit to build and to configure its model of the business. 

The use of BMObjects is simple, flexible and adaptive. To create a new class of the pattern of the business it is enough with to derive of a class ancestor of the framework and to indicate him the correspondence with the relational pattern. Starting from that moment one can already work with her, being the rest of functionalities of the optional framework.

The complete and detailed use of the whole framework figures in the documentation of the same one.

It is advisable (although not necessary) using CASE tools to connect the code with diagrams UML, as ModelMaker or others. This way the form is changed to work getting used to create the classes and to organize them from the tool UML and to go to the code in alone Delphi to implement methods or to carry out non structural stocks.

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